Morbidly Obese Teen Cries For Help By Singing “Amazing Grace” On National TV

Only 17 years old, Justin Williamson has appeared to be the cause completely lost.
Under the influence of her family members are overweight, this boy from Amarillo, Texas, addicted to eating almost all his life, and he gets unwanted attention for the wrong reasons. When weight rose nearly 700 pounds, Justin has become known as the fattest teenager in America. It was then that he realized that he had more to show the world than the poster child for the problem of obesity in our country.
Justin knows that if he goes, there's no way he'll survive. After the meeting, the former Biggest Loser contestants and football coach Joe Ostashevsky Florida State University, he was inspired to make a change ... and save his life. Teenagers are the gifts that he was too scared to share with the world, before he realizes that he has decided to get help for addiction to food.
"I have a voice, and I need to be heard. I did not die with the music still in me!" Justin says in the following clip from the doctors, he agreed to get treatment to save his life. Justin secretly talented and very passionate singer who likes to share a message of hope and inspiration to others who suffer from this devastating - even incurable diseases -.
When he sang "Amazing Grace", there is no doubt that this is a cry for help, and the repayment of the heart.

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