We hate sounding like your mother, but do you ever wonder why we always tell you to wrap your hands around the bar, including your thumb? How about why your feet should be pointing straight ahead? One obvious answer is safety, but there's acutally a lot of other reasons as to why you should follw the fitness rules. Listen up, and pay attention as to what mistakes you could be making in the gym, and reasons why you should avoid them.

The suicide grip is when you bench press without your thumbs wrapped around the barbell. If the barbell slips when you press, it will crush your face, neck, or ribs.
But it’s not only about safety, the suicide grip is also a weaker grip compared to having your hands wrapped around the bar. To set a new personal record and really add pounds to your bench press, squeeze the bar as hard as possible -- stabilizing the movement as well as engaging other muscles. 

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